Terms & Conditions
All the terms and conditions for the store.



In Addition to the above, this is our added Prohibited activity on our website.

Wholesale Vista prohibits the listing or sale of any item that is set forth in the list of prohibited items. If a Seller lists a prohibited item, it will be deemed to be a violation of our Terms of Service regardless of whether the Seller acted intentionally or not. If WholesaleVista.com determines that a listing is in violation or is otherwise inappropriate WholesaleVista.com may, at its discretion, remove the listing and cancel any related transactions up to and including termination or suspension.  WholesaleVista.com may not be used in connection with any product, service, transaction or activity that in general:


·         Violates any law or government regulation, or promotes or facilitates such action by third parties;

·         Is fraudulent, deceptive, unfair or predatory;

·         Causes or threatens to damage WholesaleVista.com reputation;

·         Violates the terms of any bank, card or electronic funds transfer network;

·         Results in or create a significant risk of chargebacks, penalties, damages or other harm or liability

WholesaleVista.com may not be used to sell any of the following products or services:

·         Anything illegal

·         Drugs such as:

·         Products, tools, or services specifically offered or intended to be used to create drugs

·         Grow ingredients for drugs Ex. seeds for cannabis plants

·         Prescription medicines or devices, pharmaceuticals, or behind the counter drugs

·         FDA restricted items such as food, homemade food, food supplements, vitamins, diet products, muscle enhancers, home remedies, homemade cosmetics, and products that offer “miracle” cures

·         Stolen goods:

·         Note: If a purchased item is reported as stolen, demand for the return may be received from the victim or another party, and the item maybe confiscated according to the regulations of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Act no. 131 of 1948).

·         Counterfeit goods or goods infringing on a third party's intellectual property rights such as:

·         Listings of non-brand, non-genuine, imitation, fake, or replica

·         Items in violation of a copyright, including handmade, or other items with copyrighted characters, brand logos, etc.

·         Note: For brand-name products, serial numbers or receipts must be available when listing the item.

·         Weapons such as:

·         Firearms and firearm parts; including airsoft and bb guns

·         Knives such as switchblades, butterfly knives, knives that are concealed or hidden within other objects, or are made of materials that cannot be detected with a metal detector

·         Explosives or military ordinance

·         Self-defense weapons

·         Alcohol

·         Tobacco products

·         Cigarettes

·         E-cigarettes, e-hookahs, or other vaporizing instruments that contain nicotine

·         Vaporizing liquid without nicotine

·         Items used for identity theft such as:

·         Account credentials, user login information, and/or account access codes

·         Items not in your control

 ·         Advertisements or listings for objects being sought

·         Items you do not currently have that are on order

·         Coupons to purchase products

·         Items that are a safety hazard

·         Note: Flammable or combustible liquids and any other items that require special mailing or handling instructions must be sent using the ship on your own option.

·         Products designed to circumvent copyright protection techniques or otherwise, facilitate the unlicensed use of copyright materials (Ex. "mod chips" to break the encryption on game computers to allow the playing of unlicensed game copies)

·         Age-restricted products or products that require a legal approval or licenses to be sold

·         Gambling, including using this service for raffles and mystery purchases

·         Financial products and services such as:

·         Bonds, securities, and insurance

·         Banknotes or coins of any currency or denomination, or gold bullion

·         Buying and selling gift cards or prepaid cards

·         Live Animals

·         Any item that contains a computer virus, malware, or spyware

·         Digital items - any items where the order is fulfilled electronically or requires a download such as:

·         Ebooks, PDF files, or items for online games

·         Humans, human body parts, organs, cells, blood, body fluids, and items that are soiled with human materials such as used underwear

·         Explicit items

·         Sexually explicit items such as sex toys and fetish items

·         Offensive items (determined at our discretion)

Note: Any item may be removed at the discretion of WholesaleVista.com